Our Vision

To create a warm and safe environment to enhance children’s learning through creative play and experience, and to extend connections between a child’s family and community life.

Our Mission:
  • to provide quality education and care for every child;
  • to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment;
  • to develop programs based on creative play and exploration;
  • to engage in programs based on observations of children’s development;
  • to encourage inquisitive minds and hands to explore, create and experience;
  • to create an environment focused on social and emotional well-being, along with physical and cognitive development;
  • to understand and build on a child’s own experiences;
  • to encourage curiosity, creativity, and communication skills for individual and group expression;
  • to foster attachment building, respect and sharing from a young age;
  • to celebrate diversity in our centre and with our local community;
  • to strengthen connections between the centre and it’s families;
  • to combine incursions and excursions to encourage awareness of community and activity outside the centre environment
  • to foster research and professional development between John Street programs, with other centres and our parents and families;
  • to commit to sustainable practices that build a respect for the environment;
  • to enable children to develop a sense of identity, independence and confidence for their transition to school