Parent Information

Our Family Handbook contains information you may require, prior to commencing care.

This page also offers some handy information that may help you in times of indecision …

For parenting tips the “Raising Children” website has some wonderful information and links that is very helpful for understanding and dealing with behaviours. There are also some webinar sessions available to help you better understand your child and their needs.

The Royal Children’s Hospital website has informative Health fact sheets.

The Better Health Channel has great information for the whole family on all aspects of life – parenting, health, nutrition etc

The Australian Government also runs a popular site “Starting Blocks” for parents, with lots of information about child care services, along with handy tips for parents. Definitely worth a look!

All of these sites are readily accessible and do not require registration or payment.

Below are some links of some frequently sought after information.  Enjoy!


Toilet training


Temper tantrums

Toddler not eating

Toddlers sleep

Toddlers behaviour

Pinching, biting and hair pulling

New baby – helping children to adjust

Starting School 


Fussy eating

Letting go of a dummy


Gastroenteritis (gastro)

Fever in children

Ear infections and glue ear


Head injury

Nappy Rash

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Slapped cheek or fifth disease