What we believe

The aim of John Street’s programs are to support the development of children as thoughtful, creative, industrious, empathetic and resourceful individuals through supporting their strengths and interests. We work with each child to foster their total development with respect and acknowledgement of their individuality.

In brief, we believe that:

  • the family is the primary unit for a child
  • self-esteem is essential for optimal learning and development
  • children are both rational and intuitive and learn from all experiences
  • acceptance is a key attitude in a world where diversity exists
  • each child’s uniqueness should be cherished
  • children are innately curious and will create their own learning
  • a child’s sense of autonomy should be balanced with their ability to collaborate and share
  • teaching children how to learn sets them up as life-long learners
  • critical thinking and active decision-making lays the foundations for adults who perceive themselves to be active participants in their local and wider communities.

We have co-developed these philosophies over many years because they work – and because they’re supported by our families, staff and board. A full description of these philosophies and beliefs will be found in our Policies and Guidelines for Parents document.