Applying for a place

If you are interested in using our service you are encouraged to drop in and visit so that you can see the centre in operation and fill in a waiting list form. We will accept applications from families prior to the birth of your child, as long as the pregnancy has been confirmed and you have an estimated date of delivery.

To read learn more about applying please see the following sections below:

Waiting List

Any family who is on the waiting list will remain there until they are ready for their child to be placed in our care, that is, if you decline an offered position you will not forfeit your place on the list. Your name will remain on the list until a place is offered or you withdraw your name for your own reasons.

It is helpful if you keep in touch with the Director while your name is on the waiting list to advise of any changes to contact information, the amount of care required, or the date for care to start. If we are unable to contact you, we will assume that you no longer require care and your name will be taken off the waiting list.

There is an administration fee payable prior to the processing of your application.

Allocation of Places

For John Street to remain financially viable, we have to fill places vacated as soon as possible. We, therefore, attempt to fill vacancies as they occur. Places are offered according to the Federal Government’s Priority of Access guidelines. These guidelines give priority of placement to:

  • children at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • workforce participants, where a single parent or both parents are employed, seeking employment, or studying or training for future employment.
  • children or parents with a continuing disability or incapacity.
  • parents at home with more than one child below school age and single parents at home.

We also give priority to children on the waiting list who have siblings already at the centre and to past users of our service and families who live or work in Yarra.

Regardless of your nominated days on your application, if you are next on the wait list and your child’s age fits into the vacancy you will offered care.  If you decline the position, for any reason, you will retain you place on the list and the space will be offered to the next suitable family.

Acceptance of a Place

Once you have accepted a place you will be encouraged to come into the centre for an initial orientation visit and to collect paperwork. You will be given a letter stating days of care offered and fees, and this will enable you to contact the Centrelink to register for formal child care. (All families are required to register, regardless of whether you are eligible for fee assistance or not.) The first 2 weeks of fees will be charged at a full fee rate and must be paid prior to your child’s commencement date.  Your weekly fee may be recalculated if you are entitled to any government assistance - this is dependant on income levels. You may elect not to receive your assistance as a fee reduction and claim it at the end of the financial year instead.

The complete orientation process will be tailored individually to suit the needs of you and your child. Spending time with your child at the centre in the early days is important for both of you to gain confidence and trust, through getting to know the staff, other children and centre routines and environment.