Fees & conditions

This section contains the following information:

Fee Schedule and Terms

Booking Type Full Fee
Weekly $670
Daily $134  (*funded kinder program daily fee $130)
Fees are payable two weeks in advance.

Fees are charged according to the days of care your child is booked for, this includes absences for public holidays, illness, holidays or any other reason. Fees are not charged for the time the centre closes over Christmas or the Staff Professional Development Day.

Payment Methods

Fees are payable from the agreed commencement date and must be paid fortnightly in advance

Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, or direct transfer.

Fees paid by cash are to be paid directly to office staff only. Cash is not kept on the premises and therefore change cannot be given. Credit will be made for the following weeks of childcare if the incorrect amount is given.

Direct transfer is to be set up and managed by the family.

Fee Assistance

The families of John Street are eligible to claim Child Care Subsidy. To receive this subsidy families must register with Centrelink prior to commencing care.

Any entitlements a family may be eligible to receive is then paid directly to the service as a weekly fee reduction.

The calculation for family entitlements are based on the annual income of the family, and their hours of work. The centre is not involved in the calculation or application of these fees. For any concerns or queries regarding your entitlements, you will be directed to contact Centrelink.

Allowable absences

Families who receive CCS are able to receive this for 44 absences each year. All families must record in writing why their child is away from John Street and sign this as being correct within the corresponding days on the Sign-In Sheets.

If you exceed the allowed number of absences you may be charged full fee for any subsequent care.

It is the families responsibility to contact Centrelink to apply for assistance and to make any necessary amendments when required.  Office staff will assist families if required but they are unable to complete these processes on the family’s behalf.