Management and Staff

John Street currently has a complement of both full-time and part-time early childhood educators. The trained educators hold at least the equivalent of a two year qualification as per the Regulations (some have three year qualifications). Photos of all current staff members are on display in the foyer.All staff hold current first aid, asthma and anaphylaxsis training.

We have a contract cleaner who is responsible for nightly cleaning of the centre. Hearty Health are contracted to provide fresh nutritious meals for the children at John Street and are delivered each day.  A qualified Food Safety staff member is responsible for food preparation and serving on-site.


The Director is responsible for the management of the co-operative in accordance with the philosophy, objectives and policies of John Street. As with all staff members, she works in close liaison with all members and is available for consultation regarding any concerns or problems with your child.

The Director liaises with the Board of Management on a regular basis to aid and assist the running of the service.